Ricor’s cryocoolers for Space

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Ricor’s team attended the first Israeli Space application cooling workshop held on November 27,2019 at Ariel University in Israel.

The workshop reviewed topics on advanced cooling methods for space application presented by companies from the industry and by academic researchers.

Ricor’s first presentations focused on the cryocoolers for MID END applications by reviewing the history of 25 years of Ricor’s miniature coolers in space projects. The second presentation focused on cryocoolers for HIGH END applications by reviewing the development status of Ricor’s advanced long life space cryocooler that aims attain high reliability with very low self vibration.

The Space workshop was particularly productive for Ricor’s team which noted the increased demand for ¬†space cryocoolers in recent years.

Ricor cryocoolers for space applications.2