RICOR K527 Highly Reliable Linear Cooler – Applications and Model Overview (2017)

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RICOR K527 Highly Reliable Linear Cooler – Applications and Model Overview (2017)

Sergey Riabzev, Ilan Nachman, Eli Levin, Adam Perach, Igor Vainshtein and Dan Gover

RICOR Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems (Israel)


 The K527 linear cooler was developed in order to meet the requirements of reliability, cooling power needs and versatility for a wide range of applications such as hand held, 24/7 and MWS. During the recent years the cooler was incorporated in variety of systems. Some of these systems can be sensitive to vibrations which are induced from the cooler. In order to reduce those vibrations significantly, a Tuned Dynamic Absorber (TDA) was added to the cooler. Other systems, such as the MWS type, are not sensitive to vibrations, but require a robust cooler in order to meet the high demand for environmental vibration and temperature. Therefore various mounting interfaces are designed to meet system requirements. The latest K527 version was designed to be integrated with the K508 cold finger, in order to give it versatility to standard detectors that are already designed and available for the K508 cooler type.

The reliability of the cooler is of a high priority. In order to meet the 30,000 working hours target, special design features were implemented. Eight K527 coolers have passed the 19,360 working hours without degradations, and are still running according to our expectations.

Keywords:  Cryocooler, Split linear, Stirling, RICOR, MWS, HOT, SWaP, K527