Development and Optimization Progress with Ricor Cryocoolers for HOT IR Detectors (2015)

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Amiram Katz, Zvi Bar Haim, Ilan Nachman, Sergey Riabzev, Eugene Krimnuz, Victor Segal, Avishai Filis, Dan Gover

RICOR Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems, En Harod Ihud 1896000, Israel


 The world growth in research and development of High Operating Temperature (HOT) IR detectors impels development and optimization of suitable cryocoolers. The current developments at RICOR are focused on the SWAP-oriented design process, meaning small Size, low Weight and low Power consumption, providing proper cryocoolers for future hand held thermal imagers.

This paper shows the progress made during development of “HOT” cryocooler prototypes, and engineering preproduction series cryocoolers working at the FPA temperature range of 130 – 200K. Three different cryocooler models based on rotary & linear design concepts are presented below. The progress with development of electronic control modules providing minimized regulated power consumption is also shown. The progress in development of cryocoolers reliability is also reported in the paper.

Keywords: Cryocooler, HOT detector, Infrared, RICOR, Stirling

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